Forget Me Nots


Night of the Forget-Me-Nots  v.1.0

Makoto is on her way to the drama club's spring retreat when she gets lost in the woods, so she's pretty glad to meet up with another lost kid.

Forget Me  v.

The Official Forget Me App. Stream all versions of John Paul Ospina’s debut single “Forget Me” for free, check out pics and videos,


123 Free Memory - Card Games Collection  v.3 1

123 FREE Memory Card Games 2003 is a collection of five great Memory games: Ace-To-King, Concentration, Forget-Me-Not, Memory-Up (6x4) and Memory Up (8x5). 123 FREE Memory Card Games 2003 features a winning layout, fast game play, rich sounds,

Investor Dictionary

This concise and easy-to-use dictionary covers over 4000 internationally recognized investment terms and is perfect for everyone who aims to comprehend English and French financial newspapers and magazines and take into account the latest forms of

Attachments Forget Reminder for Outlook

Attachments Forget Reminder is a powerful Microsoft Office Outlook Add-In. It scans each outgoing email and if it finds any of the specified key phrases (e.g., "see attachment") but no file is attached to the message, the program will give out a

Wild Flowers Screen Saver  v.1 1

Wild Flowers Screen Saver is a collection of wild spring flowers. Naughty, shy, tender, thorny, but always unspeakably wonderful in its own unique appearance.

Who on Earth  v.

**Who on Earth will stop working in August 2012. is shutting down and stopping support for this app. ** Who on Earth identifies your friends from a photo or capture from the phone camera. Impress your friends by recreating the

Remind-Me with Outlook Sync  v.6.3

Remind-Me is a personal calendar and event reminder for Windows.

Let Me Out  v.1.7.5

Let Me Out is a board game, simple operation but very addictive. The game has 3 levels, beginner, medium, and expert.

Sayz Me

Sayz Me is a text-to-speech application for Windows. Text can be typed in or read from clipboard. Words are highlighted when spoken. Select voice, adjust reading speed, voice pitch, font and color. Hides in system tray. Simple and easy to use. Freeware.


Remind-Me tracks and reminds you of important events before they occur. It displays holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and scheduled events on an attractive traditional calendar. Remind-Me can alert you when your computer starts up, or at any specified

98/ME Smoker

98/ME Smoker is a Windows 98 and Windows ME tweaking utility that will help to reduce system bottlenecks, decrease boot times and increase system stability. In addition 98/ME Smoker has a new State-Of-The-Art internet optimizer that will tune any internet

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